Swiss Quality Certification for Adult Continuing Education


English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and other languages upon request.

Our language courses are organized so as to satisfy the needs of each and every one of our students: we always try to find the best tailored solution to allow you to reach your didactic goals. We schedule the days, times and weekly attendance with the students themselves so as to comply with each one of their needs.

ScuoLaLingua offers 3 types of courses:

  • private (one-to-one);
  • semi-private (2 – 3 persons);
  • small groups (4 – 6 persons)

As we do realize that most of our students have little time to study in class, we divide them into small groups of maximum 6 students, so as to guarantee that each student will have the time and possibility to actively take part and intervene during all of the classes.

In order to satisfy all of your requests we naturally not only offer different language courses we also offer different types of courses, such as General English courses, Business English courses, conversation classes as well as the preparation of all internationally recognized exams.

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In-Company Courses

ScuoLaLingua has always been in a leader in the organization of In-Company Courses. We offer specific training in every single phase, from the very first step: the initial assessments allow us to divide the students into groups having common and specific didactic goals, the intermediate assessments allow us to verify whether the situation is still ideal and the final assessment can then lead to a possible exam. Also in case of exams we take care of every detail: we shall manage the enrollment, the communication of the exam date and the exam results so as to free you from all encumbrances.

Please feel free to contact us for quotations, offers and costs.